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Take Action In Your Home  

Did you know that non-point source pollution is the largest contributor to the excess nutrients, sediments, and chemicals in the Bay? That's the pollution coming from your property and mine! During a 1" rainstorm, which is typical for this area, a roof covering a house with a 1,000 square foot footprint will shed 600 gallons of water. The water coming off this roof in summer reaches 140 degrees, and can still be 120 degrees when it enters the creek from the storm drain. That's too warm for fish and other water creatures! To make matters worse, the speed with which the water rushes down driveways and streets, down storm drains and out to the Creek, causes sediments to be carried into the Creek, and churns up the unstable sediment recently deposited. This reduces water clarity, which keeps subaquatic grasses and oysters from growing. Without grasses and oysters, water isn't filtered like it used to be, so water clarity suffers even more.

There are over 900 single-family homes in the Weems Creek Watershed. If every household kept half of the average rainfall from going directly into the Creek, that would be 270,000 gallons! There are a lot of simple steps you can take to improve the health of the Creek. The following sites have information to help you create a creek restoration project in your own backyard: