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The Conservancy has 3 committees which work in the areas listed below. Please check off areas you are interested in helping with. Use the "Comments" section to add other area that are not listed.
Activities and Outreach Committee
     Bay-friendliest awards
     Business outreach
     Drain Marking
     Homeowner outreach
     Oyster Project
         Build oyster cages
         Expand Oyster Bars
         Provide pier
         Tend oyster gardens
     Rain Barrel Workshops
     School liaison
Projects Oversight Committee
     Ackerland Park
     Bristol Drive Outfall
     Cowhide Branch
     Historic Water Depth Data
     Moreland Branch
     Porter Drive Outfall
     Priests Point
     Rowe Blvd Bridge
     Shoreline Erosion
     Sound Barriers Rte 50
     NAAA Stadium
     Tucker Street
     Upper Creek
     West Annapolis Elementary
     Wimsey Cove
Grants Committee